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Amino Acid Fertilizer Revitalizes Plant Growth Organically - Provides Nutritional Boost for Robust and Healthy Plants. (1 ltr.)
Crop Stick 1 Liter
Unicorp Gold 1 Kg
Root enhancer & PGR
Humic Acid Liquid Fertilizer - Enhances White Rood Development and Provides Essential Nutrient Supply in Plants Activating Plant’s Hormonal System for Development. (1 ltr.)
Ultra Gold 1 Liter
Seaweed Extract - Organic Fertilizer Essential to Achieve Robust Plant Growth - Nutritional Supplement for Boosting Flowering and Ensuring Bountiful Harvest in Plants. (1 ltr.)
MyLab Pseudo
MyLab Technology
MyLab Decompose
MyLab Technology
Eco Safe 1 Kg
Organic Fungicide & Pesticides
MyLab Technology
Organic Humic Acid Agriculture Fertilizer - Essential for Enhancing Overall Plant Growth (1 ltr.)
Potassium Humate Vital Source for Enhancing Root, Flower and Fruit Development Organically (1 kg)
MyLab - Azoto,PSB,KMB,
Combo Products
MyLab Technology
MyLab Technology
Silk 1 Liter
Spread Adjuvant
Humic Acid (60%) Organic Fertilizer in Granule Form - Premium Root Enhancer. (1 kg)
Bio Fungicide - Trichoderma Powder for Fungal Disease Control in Plants. (25 kg)
MyLab Aceto
MyLab Technology
Premium Quality Mycorrhiza Biofertilizer - Root Enhancer - Essential for Strong Root Development. (3000IP 250 gm
Seaweed Extract Fertilizer - Enhances and Boosts Fruit Taste, Colour, and Quantity in Plants (250 gm)
MyLab Azoto
MyLab Technology
Fresh Organic Bio Fertilizer for Plant & Home Gardening, Azotobacter, Rhizobium, Mycorrhiza and PSB. (1 ltr.)
Eco Root 2 Kg + Silk 1 Liter
Eco Root (1×3)Kg
Gardenica Tulsi Fertilizer - Ideal for Balconies, Terraces and Home Garden. (850 gm)
Action Star 250 ML
Acetobacter Multiplier
Humic Shiny Granule 50 KG
Humic Acid (98%) Flaxes Fertilizer for Healthy Plant Root Growth. (25 kg)
VAM - Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Biofertilizer - Root Enhancer & Essential Plant Growth Booster. (3000IP - 1 kg)
Nutrivise Aceto
Nutri Banana 1 Kg
Nutri Rice 1 Kg
Organic Amino Acid Powder Fertilizer Vital to Support Healthy Leaf Growth, Flower and Fruit Generation. (500 gm)
Larvi fertilizer
Potassium salts
Gardenica Humic Acid 98% - potassium Humate and water soluble Organic Fertilizer For all plants
Gardenica All in One - Ready to Use - Organic Plant Growth Promoter for Nourishing Plants, Promoting Plant Growth and Nurturing them Organically.- (400 ml)
Gardenica Fungi Care - Ready to Use - Cutting Edge Organic Fungicide for Preventing Fungal Growth and Ensuring Robust Plant Growth. (400 ml)
Gardenica Pest-o Care - Ready to Use - Organic Larvicide - Regulates Larval Damage with Potassium Salt and Eugenol Fatty Acid Extracts in Plants Ensuring Healthy Plant Growth. (400 ml)
Plant Growth Stimulant for Healthy Plant Growth & Disease Control - Indoor and Outdoor Plants. (500 ml)
Gardenica Garden Fungicide - Nature’s Best Organic Fungicide for Plant Fungal Disease Control. (500 gm)
Organic Bentonite Granule - 850 Gm
Gardenica - Neem Oil - Organic Pesticide for Natural Plant Care. (1 ltr.)
Gardenica Garden Fungicide - Nature’s Best Organic Fungicide for Plant Fungal Disease Control. (500 gm)
Gardenica Rose Fertilizer - Nourishment Focused Organic Fertilizer Promotes Healthy Branches, Leaf Luxuriance and Beautiful Flower Blossoms. (850 gm)
Gardenica - Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer - Nutrient Rich Food for Plants. (850 gm)
Gardenica - Phosphorus Rich Organic Manure - Essential Supernatural Nutritional Source for Fruiting and Flowering in Plants. (850 gm)
Gardenica - Neem Cake Fertilizer Powerhouse - Pest Repellent. (850 gm)
Amino Acid (80%) Powder Form for Enhanced Organic Plant Nourishment. (20 kg)
Seaweed Extract Fertilizer in Powder Form for Healthy and Sustainable Plant Growth and Development. (20 kg)
Rhizobium Multiplier
PSB Multiplier
Multiplier Kit
KMB Multiplier
Multiplier Kit
Azotobacter Multiplier
Mycorrhiza (VAM) - Organic Fertilizer for Healthy and Strong Plant Root Development. (3000IP - 500 gm)
Eco Root(1×5)Kg
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