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Seaweed Extract Fertilizer in Powder Form for Healthy and Sustainable Plant Growth and Development. (20 kg)



Seaweed Extract develops the taste, color, and quality of fruits. It is used for overall support to achieve healthy growth and offers 100%. food for the plants. Last but not least it fertilizes the soil to a great extent. The extract is excellent for crops such as grapes, citrus, pomegranate, banana, and all types of fruits, home gardens, floriculture, etc.

CompositionSeaweed Extract.

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When it comes to promoting plant growth and enhancing crop productivity, nature provides us with remarkable solutions. Seaweed, found abundantly in oceans, has been recognized for its valuable properties in agriculture and gardening. Seaweed extract powder, derived from nutrient-rich seaweed, offers a convenient and effective way to harness the power of the ocean for the benefit of plants.

Mechanism Of Action
Seaweed Extract Powder blends proteins, carbohydrates, inorganic salts, microelements, and many secondary elements contained in products of vegetables and animal origins like Amino Acid, Cytokinin, Betaine, Mannitol, Vitamin, and Trehalose. It encourages flowering and maintaining the dark green color of plants.

1. Seaweed Extract Powder provides all essential nutrients and elements for the balanced growth of crops.
2. It stimulates flowering and the overall growth of crops.
3. It stimulates chlorophyll synthesis as well as new tissue generation.
4. Provides additional energy for better yield.
5. Reduces pre-harvest drops of flowers and fruit.

Foliar Spray: Approximately, dilute 10gm of Seaweed Powder in 15 Liter of water and spray using foliar spray on both sides of the leaves using a knapsack sprayer in the early morning.
Soil Application: Dissolve 200 gm of Seaweed Powder in 200-liter water. Drench uniform in one-acre land.
Seed Treatment: Apply, 10gm of Seaweed Powder in 1liter for 1 kg of seeds and soak them for 1hr, and broadcast in soil.

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