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Bio Fungicide – Trichoderma Powder for Fungal Disease Control in Plants. (25 kg)



Trichoderma viride is a high-efficiency organic biological agent. Trichoderma viride has a fast growth and reproduction rate, and can quickly absorb and utilize nutrients, water, space and oxygen in the soil, thus worsening the living environment of plant pathogens.

Content: Trichoderma viride 1×107 CFU/gm

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Trichoderma powder
Trichoderma  is a valuable tool in promoting plant health and enhancing crop productivity. Derived from the beneficial fungus Trichoderma, this powder formulation offers numerous benefits for plants, including disease control, nutrient uptake enhancement, and overall growth promotion. In this article, we will explore the wonders of Trichoderma powder and its role in fostering healthy and thriving plants. Prepare to discover the remarkable potential of this beneficial fungus!

The Power of Beneficial Fungi
Beneficial fungi like Trichoderma play a vital role in maintaining plant health. They form a mutually beneficial relationship with plants, promoting growth and providing protection against pathogens. Trichoderma fungi produce enzymes that degrade organic matter, releasing nutrients into the soil. Additionally, they compete with harmful fungi for resources, suppressing their growth and preventing disease outbreaks.

Solubility :- Water Insoluble

Mechanism of Action
It is used for seed and soil treatment for the suppression of various diseases caused by fungal pathogens.

1. Increase the systemic disease resistance of plants.
2. Increase the absorption of nutrients and the effective use of fertilizers.
3. Increase plant growth and yield.

Soil Application: Apply 1 kg Trichoderma viride for 1-acre land.
Seed Treatment /Seed Dressing: Mix 20gm of Trichoderma viride powder per Kg of seed before sowing.

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