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Amino Acid (80%) Powder Form for Enhanced Organic Plant Nourishment. (20 kg)



Amino Acid Powder improves the uptake of nutrients and their utilization. Amino Acid is responsible for increasing the availability of Phosphorus, Iron, Manganese, and Zinc. It also increases the chlorophyll content in plants and helps in increasing white root development. It also promotes micro nutrients transfer in crops and activates hormones in plants. It is an eco-friendly product.

Composition: Amino Acid 80%

Transport Charges are Extra.

6,962.00 + GST


Amino Acid Powder :  is a product containing essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. This powder is formulated to enhance plant health and growth by improving nutrient uptake and utilization. Amino acids play a crucial role in increasing the availability of important elements like Phosphorus, Iron, Manganese, and Zinc in the soil, making them more accessible to plants.

The application of Amino Acid leads to increased chlorophyll content in plants, which is essential for efficient photosynthesis and overall plant vitality. Moreover, it promotes the development of strong white roots, enhancing the plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil.

In addition to its role in nutrient uptake, Amino Acid Powder also facilitates the transfer of micronutrients within crops, ensuring balanced nutrition throughout the plant’s growth stages. It also activates hormones in plants, contributing to various physiological processes that support growth, flowering, and fruiting.

An eco-friendly product, Amino Acid provides a sustainable approach to plant nutrition and health. Its use can improve crop yields and overall plant performance while promoting environmental stewardship. Farmers and growers often use Amino Acid Powder as part of their agricultural practices to optimize plant growth and achieve healthier, more productive crops.

Mechanism of Action

Amino Acid  is a blend of essential amino acids for normal crop growth. This Unique formulation of Amino acid in powder formulation is useful for new leaf development and stimulates flower generation. It stimulates flowering and the overall growth of crops. It stimulates the hormonal system of the plant to increase the top branch and cell differentiation. This leads to an increase in the height of the crop. Reduce the pre-dropping of flowers and fruit.


Amino Acid plays a vital role in promoting new leaf development in plants. It provides essential nutrients that support overall plant health and vitality. Furthermore, it stimulates flower production, triggering the hormonal system of the plant to enhance the growth of top branches. Amino Acid Powder also facilitates cell differentiation, leading to improved crop height and structure. Additionally, it helps reduce pre-harvest drops of flowers and fruits, ensuring a more productive harvest.


Foliar Spray: Approximately, dilute 25 gm of Amino Acid Powder in 15 liters of water and spray using foliar spray over both sides of the leaf in the early morning.

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