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Organic Amino Acid Powder Fertilizer Vital to Support Healthy Leaf Growth, Flower and Fruit Generation. (500 gm)


Uphar is a blend of essential amino acid for normal crop growth. This Unique formulation of Amino Acid in powder formulation useful for new leaf development, stimulates flower generation. Amino Acid is the building block of protein synthesis. It also enhances chlorophyll synthesis in crops.

Packing: 500 gm

699.00 + GST


Uphar : is a carefully crafted blend of vital amino acids essential for promoting healthy crop growth. This unique powder formulation is specially designed to facilitate new leaf development and stimulate the generation of flowers in plants. Amino acids serve as the fundamental building blocks for protein synthesis, playing a crucial role in supporting plant growth and development. Additionally, Uphar enhances chlorophyll synthesis in crops, contributing to their overall vitality and vigor. Embrace the power of Uphar to nurture thriving crops and witness the remarkable results it brings to your agricultural endeavors.

Mechanism Of Action

Uphar works as a bio-nutritional product and helps in enhancing the size as well as weight of fruit. Being non-toxic in nature, It is also safe for the environment and supports the needs of enhancing crop quality as well as in building resistance against diseases.

Benefits of Uphar

1.Uphars provide essential Hydrolysed Protein Powder for normal growth.

2.Useful in new leaf development.

3.Stimulates flower generation.

4.Stimulates hormonal system of plant.

5.Increases top branch and cell differentiation.

6.Increase in height of crop.

7.Reduces pre-harvest drop of flowers and fruits.


For Foliar Spray : Use 25 gm of Uphar in 15 Liter of water and spray using foliar spray over both the side of leaves.

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