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Gardenica – Phosphorus Rich Organic Manure – Essential Supernatural Nutritional Source for Fruiting and Flowering in Plants. (850 gm)


PROM – Phosphate Rich Organic Manure acts as an organic fertilizer and helps to enhance the activity of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. It enhances root development in plants. It improves the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil. It improves the disease resistance mechanism in plants. It provides the necessary nutrients required for the overall development of the plant.

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Prom, Compatible with biofertilizers, organic fertilizers, organic manures, biopesticides, vermicompost, sea kelp (seaweed fertilizer), protein hydrolysates, organic carbon and rock phosphate.

Recommended Plants:
Recommended to all Flower pot plants, Herbs, Decorate balcony plants, Root plants in pots, Leafy vegetable plants, and Kitchen garden plants.

Mixing and Application:
Soil Application: 1 – 2 spoons of PROM per pot are used directly into the soil in the early morning.

Do not mix with fungicides/bactericides, toxic chemicals, or soil fumigants. Sanitize the spray tank before application. Ideally, use it in the late evening or early morning. While handling and applying protective clothing, gloves and face masks should be worn. Wash hands after use.

After applying PROM, always keep one week of the gap if you want to apply other soil pesticides.


  • PROM helps to reduce the alkalinity of the soil.
  • It enriches the soil with phosphate.
  • It releases nutrients slowly so that the plant gets nutrients for a longer period of time.
  • It improves soil fertility.
  • It increases water-holding and moisture retention in soils.
  • It increases crop yields.

Storage And Handling:
Keep in a cool & dry place away from heat & direct sunlight. For use in Agriculture only. Do not mix it with any type of chemical-based fertilizers. Use under the direction of an agriculture consultant. Use Immediately after the production process complete.


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