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Gardenica Pest-o Care – Ready to Use – Organic Larvicide – Regulates Larval Damage with Potassium Salt and Eugenol Fatty Acid Extracts in Plants Ensuring Healthy Plant Growth. (400 ml)


Pest-o-Care is an innovative organic larvicide formulation developed to prevent and control larval damage in plants. It has a blend of eugenol and potassium salt of fatty acids that heps to get rid of larva.

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Mechanism of Action:
Pest-o-Care dehydrates the larval body that stops it from sucking or eating the leaf of plants. It repels the larva by its strong odour and disrupts the lifecycle of larval growth.

Pest-o-Care is a groundbreaking organic larvicide formulation created to safeguard plants by preventing and controlling damage caused by larvae. It harnesses the power of a unique blend of eugenol and potassium salt of fatty acids, effectively eliminating larvae.

1. Pest-o-Care completely dehydrates tha larva present on the plant surface.
2. It is effective against soft body larvae and pests.
3. It also has antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties.
4. It is a unique combination of organic and herbal extracts.
5. It is 100 % organic and ecofriendly.
6. It does not leave any harmful residue in the soil.

Target Larva:
Pest-o-Care controls different type of the soft body larva that damage the plants on
surface. Eg. Larval stage of thrips and mites.

How to Use?
1. Break the seal of bottle.
2. Hold the clip and press it.
3. Turn the clip clockwise.
4. Push it down.
5. Spray bottle is ready to use.

Pest-o-Care is an organic product it takes time to give results. Spray it on both the side of leaves for better results. Leave the gap of seven days for another spray. Do not use any chemical product before or after the application of product.

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