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Gardenica All in One – Ready to Use – Organic Plant Growth Promoter for Nourishing Plants, Promoting Plant Growth and Nurturing them Organically.- (400 ml)


All in one is a unique plant growth promoter that has a perfect blend of seaweed extract. It promotes stronger healthier and greener plants. It also increases the nutrient uptake of plants.

208.00 + GST


Mechanism of Action:
All in one contains amino acids, major and minor nutrients, vitamins, cytokinins, and auxins that promote growth in plants. It fulfills the nutritional requirement of plants and helps to develop tolerance to environmental stress. There are 20 standard amino acids commonly found in proteins, each with its own distinct chemical properties and functions. These amino acids can be obtained through dietary sources or synthesized within the body. They play crucial roles in protein synthesis, enzyme production, cellular metabolism, and the overall functioning of the human body.

1. All in one promotes healthy growth of plants
2. It helps to increase the foliage of plants.
3. It enhances the antioxidant properties in plants.
4. It increases the weight of grains / fruits.
5. It is 100 % organic and ecofriendly.
6. It does not leave any harmful residue in the soil.

How to Use?
1. Break the seal of bottle.
2. Hold the clip and press it.
3. Turn the clip clockwise.
4. Push it down.
5. Spray bottle is ready to use.

All in one is an organic product it takes time to give results. Spray it on both the side of leaves for better results. Leave the gap of seven days for another spray. Do not use any chemical product before or after the application of product.

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