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Acetobacter Multiplier


Acetobacter Bacteria Multiplier is a scientifically developed formulation for the multiplication of Acetobacter Bacteria. This formulation was developed to solve the contamination problems in Acetobacter biofertilizers due to the use of jaggery. It replaces the use of jaggery and helps in the multiplication of specific bacteria.

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How to use Acetobacter Multiplier ?
1. Boil 5 liters of water in a pan for about 15 to 30 minutes.
2. Transfer the boiled water to a bucket. Immediately close the bucket after transfer.
3. Keep the bucket close and let the water cool down. (It takes 3-5 hrs.)
4. Add “MyLab Bacteria Multiplier” and Bacterial Culture (use the bacterial culture of specific bacteria mentioned on the packet) to the cooled water in the bucket and immediately close the bucket.
5. Shake the bucket to mix all the ingredients in the water.
6. Keep the bucket close. (By opening the bucket, unnecessary bacteria can transfer in the process.)
7. Every day shake the bucket three to four times. (This process allows bacteria to get more oxygen for growth). Do this process for seven days.
8. Biofertilizer is ready for use. Apply the prepared biofertilizer directly to the soil as required.

Benefits of Acetobacter Multiplier
– No need for Jaggery.
– MyLab Bacteria Multiplier replaces Jaggery.
– Multiplication of Specific Bacteria.
– Increased Bacterial count.
– Best Results.
– Easy to use.

Biofertilizers contain living microbes that have a short life span, 6 months after the development of biofertilizers 90% of the microbes tend to decrease. It takes a lot of time for the product to reach the dealers from a manufacturing unit. And dealers can’t get the stock sold within few weeks after the arrival. When the farmer purchases the product it is already being few months old and the product might have lost its ability to provide good results. MyLab Bacteria Multiplier solves this issue and can be used instead of jaggery for the multiplication of specific bacteria. Also, it helps in freshly preparing the biofertilizer for crops.

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