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Gardenica – Neem Oil – Organic Pesticide for Natural Plant Care. (1 ltr.)


Composition: Neem Oil E.C ( Emulsifiable Concentrate )

Neem Oil is used to control pests, fungi, and diseases caused by bacteria affecting crops. It does not affect the non-targeted pest or crop health. It is not harmful to the environment. Neem oil works as a botanical pesticide, active constituents present in the neem oil repel all kinds of pests. Because of the bad smell, the pests/insects stay away from the main crops.

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Neem Oil:
Neem Oil is a versatile solution for pest, fungal, and bacterial disease control in crops. It selectively targets harmful organisms while leaving non-targeted pests and crop health unaffected.

Recommended Plants:
Recommended to all Flower pot plants, Herbs, Decorate balcony plants, Root plants in pots, Leafy vegetable plants, and Kitchen garden plants.

Mixing and Application:
Foliar Spray: Approximately, apply 4 – 6 ml of Neem Oil in 1 liter of water during early morning or late evening. Apply more solution on the areas where Bollworms, Armyworms, Spodoptera, Whitefly, Aphids, Mites, and Caterpillar are more visible.

Do not mix with fungicides/bactericides, toxic chemicals, or soil fumigants. Sanitise the spray tank before application. Ideally, use it in the late evening or early morning. While handling and applying protective clothing, gloves and face masks should be worn. Wash hands after use.

After applying Neem Oil, always keep one week of the gap if you want to apply other soil pesticides.


  • Neem Oil is toxic to the insect and suffocates the insect.
  • It decreases the number of insects, rapidly after spraying.
  • It disrupts the hormonal functioning of pests.
  • Also, act as a fungicide to control powdery mildew.
  • It is completely safe for non-target pests.
  • It is Eco-friendly.

Storage And Handling:
Keep in a cool & dry place away from heat & direct sunlight. For use in Agriculture only. Do not mix it with any type of chemical-based fertilizers. Use under the direction of an agriculture consultant. Use Immediately after the production process complete.


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