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Gardenica Fungi Care – Ready to Use – Cutting Edge Organic Fungicide for Preventing Fungal Growth and Ensuring Robust Plant Growth. (400 ml)


Fungicare is specially developed organic fungicide that inhibits the growth of fungus on plants. It is gentle on plants and yet effective on fungal diseases of plants.

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Mechanism of Action:
Fungi care interferes with the nutrition essential to fungus in plant cells. It forms a protective barrier on the surface of plants and controls the fungal growth by weakening out the fungi through dehydration and preventing the formation of new spores.

1. Fungi care disrupts the nutrition required for fungal growth in plants.
2. It controls and prevents the formation of new fungi spores.
3. It is a combination of organic and herbal extracts that forms a protective
barrier on plant surface.
4. It is rich in potassium and phosphorus which are beneficial for plants.
5. It is 100 % organic and ecofriendly.
6. It does not leave any harmful residue in the soil.

Target Fungal Diseases:
Fungi care is used in order to treat and prevent powdery mildew, black spots, downy
mildew, blight, mould, and other plant fungal diseases.

How to Use?
1. Break the seal of bottle.
2. Hold the clip and press it.
3. Turn the clip clockwise.
4. Push it down.
5. Spray bottle is ready to use.

Fungi care is an organic product it takes time to give results. Spray it on both the side of leaves for better results. Leave the gap of seven days for another spray. Do not use any chemical product before or after the application of product.

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