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Tarpaulin – Heavy Duty – 200 Micron – 15 x 18 Feet Size


“Our Heavy Duty Tarpaulins, boasting a robust 200-micron thickness and a spacious 15 x 18 feet size, are the farmers’ ultimate ally. Crafted for resilience, these tarps shield your crops, equipment, and livestock from the harshest elements, ensuring year-round protection. With unbeatable durability and a price that won’t break the bank, our tarpaulins are the smart choice for farmers looking to safeguard their investments and harvests, season after season.”

2,050.00 + GST



“We introduce our specially designed Heavy Duty Tarpaulin to meet the unique needs of farmers who rely on dependable protection for their crops, equipment, and livestock. These tarpaulins go beyond standard covers.”

Exceptional Durability of Tarpaulin

  • Our Heavy Duty Tarpaulins are constructed with a substantial 200-micron thickness, setting them apart as some of the most rugged and resilient covers available.
  • This thickness ensures that they can endure the rigors of the farming environment, including exposure to harsh sunlight, heavy rainfall, wind, and even snow.
  • Whether you need to shelter your hay bales, agricultural machinery, or protect your livestock from the elements, these tarpaulins are up to the task.
  • Generous Size for Versatility

  • With dimensions of 15 x 18 feet, our tarpaulins offer ample coverage for various agricultural needs.
  • Their generous size allows you to use them as ground covers to control weed growth, as protective canopies for outdoor storage.
  • The flexibility they provide in terms of size and application makes them an invaluable addition to your farming toolkit.
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