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Eco Root 2 Kg + Silk 1 Liter


Eco Root is made up of water soluble Potassium Humate. It provides all essential nutrients and elements for the balanced growth of crops. It stimulates flowering and overall growth of crops. It stimulates chlorophyll synthesis as well as new tissue generation. Provides additional energy for better yield. Reduces pre-dropping of flowers and fruits.

Silk is a new generation wetting and spreading agent. Active ingredient of Silk reduces surface-tension of water droplet. As wetting agent enhances performance of herbicides and pesticides by dramatically reducing the product’s surface tension, results in better spread and penetration of herbicides on the targeted leaves.

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Eco Root : is a visionary concept that encompasses a comprehensive approach to sustainable living. It encompasses various elements, including renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, waste management, and eco-friendly architecture. The core principle of Eco Root revolves around minimizing environmental impact while maximizing benefits for society.

In today’s world, sustainability has become paramount. With increasing concerns over climate change and finite resources, embracing sustainable practices is crucial for the survival of our planet and future generations. Eco Root presents a holistic solution that addresses these concerns effectively.

One of the fundamental pillars of Eco Roots is the harnessing of renewable energy sources. Solar panels, wind turbines, and other green technologies play a pivotal role in generating clean electricity, reducing carbon footprints, and promoting energy independence.

Benefits of Eco Root

1.Eco Root increases nutrient uptake, drought tolerance, and seed germination.
2. It increases the microbial activity in the soil, making it an excellent root stimulator.
3.Increases the availability of nutrients in our fertilizers and in those already existing in your soil.
4.It will also help to lower the pH of the soil to a more neutral level
5.It flushes high levels of salts out of the root zone, all of which will help to promote better plant health and

Dose :
For Foliar Spray : Use 20gm of Eco Root in 15 Liter of water and spray using foliar spray over both side of leaves.

Benefits of Silk

1.Silk reduces surface tention of water droplet over leaf surface.

2.Increases spreading of pesticide/Fungicide Spray Over Leaf.

3.Reduces dose of Pesticide and Fungicide.

Dose :
For Foliar Spray : Use 5ml of Silk in 15 Liter of water for spray application of various pesticide, fungicide and herbicide.

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