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Unimol (Neem oil) works as a botanical pesticide, the active constituents present in the neem oil damages the pro thoracic gland present in the stomach.of the pest Eventually, the pest stops feeding and dies. It controls about 200 diffrent species of the insect and pest.

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Unimol, also known as Neem oil, serves as a botanical pesticide with active constituents that target the prothoracic gland in pests’ stomachs. This leads to the pests ceasing to feed and eventually dying. Unimol exhibits control over approximately 200 different species of insects and pests.

Our firm is indulged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a quality assured grade of Unimol (Organic Neem Oil) which works as a fast action insecticide for removing pest like boll-worm, fruit-worm, aphids, mites, caterpillar etc. Our provided chemical is widely acclaimed by our clients owing to its high ability to protect the crops from damage. Apart from this, our prestigious clients can avail this pesticide oil from us at market leading prices.

Mechanism of Action

Neem oil is botanical pesticide and Active constituents present in the neem oil damages the pro thoracic gland of the stomach. So, insect stop feeding and dies. It controls about 200 different species of the insect.


Unimol is toxic for the insect and suffocates the insect. It decrease the number of insect, rapidly after spray. It disrupts the hormonal functioning in pests. Also act as a fungicide to control powdery mildew. It is Eco-friendly. It is completely safe to non-target pest.

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