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Nutrivise Rhizo 1 Kg


Rhizobium fixes the atmospheric nitrogen through the process of biological nitrogen fixation and makes it available to plant in an easily assailable and utilizable form. Rhizobium bacteria closely associated with pulses crops by forming root nodule. Rhizobium bacteria is available in powder formulation.

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Nutrivise Rhizo : Biofertilizers is a cutting-edge and innovative product designed to enhance soil fertility and promote healthy plant growth. This remarkable biofertilizer contains beneficial microorganisms that establish a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, facilitating nutrient uptake and promoting overall plant health.

When applied to the soil, Nutrivise Rhizo Biofertilizers establish a bioactive zone around the roots, increasing nutrient availability and improving soil structure. The beneficial microorganisms in this biofertilizer help in the breakdown of organic matter, releasing essential nutrients and promoting better nutrient cycling within the soil.

By fostering a favorable soil environment, Nutrivise Rhizo Biofertilizers contribute to increased plant resistance against various stress factors such as drought, diseases, and salinity.

Mechanism of Action

Formation of Nodule in Leguminous Crops root and Fixing Atmospheric Nitrogen in root nodules (Nitrogen Fixation method).


1. Helps the proliferation and survival of beneficial microorganisms in soil.

2. Rhizobium provides most active form of Rhizobium and starts function and proliferation immediately after application in soil.

3. It fixes the atmospheric nitrogen and makes it available to crop.

4. It increases number & length of roots and shoots.

5. It also improves the fertility of soil and reduces the use of chemical fertilizers (Urea) . It is Harmless, Eco-friendly and low cost agro-input.

6. Add nutrients to the soil / make them available to the crop & secrete certain growth promoting substances.


For Soil Application : Add 1 Kg of bio fertilizer at 1 acre of land through drip irrigation or drench the soil at proper moisture of land.

Seed Treatment/Seed Dreesing: Use 100 ml of Rhizobium liquid in 300 ml of water or mix it with 20g sugar/jaggery for 1kg of seeds. After being uniformly wet shake them gently to from uniform layer of culture coating. Then dry the seeds in shade for 20-25 minutes.

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